About Marilla Auto Show

Cars cars cars. That is what we love at our company and that is why we have a whole company dedicated to cars. We have been at this for over 20 years and have turned our company into something so incredible. The crazy thing about our company is that we don’t just do one thing. We do limo rental, auto repair and towing. Anything that is related to cars and automobiles we are the place to go to. Our limo rental is one of the biggest things that we do at our company and that section of the company has grown. No matter what kind of limo you need, come and check out the huge selection that we have.

Over the years we have added almost every type of limo on the market. We are the only place that can offer that so if you need one you should really check us out. Another big part of our company is the towing aspect. Regardless of where you are when your car breaks down, we are the place to call. Our company has the best staff on the planet and will do whatever it takes to make sure that you get your situation taken care of safely. Automobiles are the best things on the planet and that is why we have turned our company into what it is now. Come and see what we have to offer today and we know that you will be happy with what we have.

Marilla Auto Show